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Residential/Commercial Piers
Gibbons Marine Construction is known for its excellent pier construction in the southern Maryland area and we take great pride in our pier work. Every pier we build is framed with heavy treated lumber and through bolted with galvanized bolts and are decked with environmentally friendly, pressure treated material. If your pier needs a face lift we can provide reconstruction of your piers frame and deck. From start to finish no detail, big or small, is overlooked. Click here to view gallery

Pilings (boatlift, mooring, osprey)
Gibbons Marine Construction has the versatility to drive quality poles of any length. We make sure your pilings are sound and long standing.
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Stone Revetment
Protecting your shoreline is a major necessity when owning waterfront real estate. Gibbons Marine Construction is skilled in shoreline revetments, providing a lifetime of protection and are capable of completing your project by land and/or by water.
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Living Shorelines
When applicable there is a more natural approach to protecting your shoreline. This technique installs a low profile stone sill while filling behind with sand and native grasses. This helps filter and clean the waterways along your property’s waterfront, while creating a habitat for wildlife. This is the most supported form of erosion control for the state, therefore they will waive your permit application fee.
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Bulkhead (wood, composite, sheeting)
A bulkhead can provide your waterfront property with the protection it needs from erosion.We specialize in the building wood, composite or sheet pile walls. All of our bulkheads are built with heavy treated CCA material, which prolongs the life of your waterfront investment.
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While boathouses provide many amenities, under Maryland state law, new structures are not permitted. The restoration of existing structures are accepted when replaced in-kind.
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Crane/Barge Services
We can supply a 24’ X 64’ steel barge for any project that demands a floating platform. With an approximate weight capacity of 100 tons, let us be there for all your barge needs. When you need something hauled or pulled our 15 ton crane/excavator is there for the job.
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Boat Salvage
Give Gibbons Marine Construction a call when your boat or water craft needs a rescue!
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Tree Removal
When mother nature gets wild and throws your trees into your water view, give Gibbons Marine Construction a call!
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